Roof Coatings- Application

Roof Coatings Application

The key for any application of coating is in the preparation and Roof Cleaning Peterborough prides itself on carrying out the correct preparatory work to ensure that a top quality finish is achieved within a time frame that ensures minimum disruption to our customers. We will not rush a job particularly if the application of a roof sealant or roof coating is at risk of being ruined through inclement weather conditions.

Roof Cleaning Peterborough have invested in a professional quality airless sprayer. This equipment and application method exceeds any other method i.e by paint brush sometimes used by other contractors. The use of a professional sprayer unit will be very time efficient and enable better coverage of the roof sealer or roof coating. 

Prior to the coating application we check to ensure that the roof tiles are clean and dry along with any mortar repairs being fully cured. The weather has to be favorable, with dry conditions forecast for at least a few hours prior to application of roof sealer or roof coating product and for several hours after the process has been completed. The roof coating process is a two coat application with the perimeter of the structure cut in by hand and then a heavy application of product is applied. The first coat absorbs, dependant on the porosity of the structure, deeply into the tile ensuring maximum colour penetration, UV protection and moss inhibition. The second coat is applied after a suitable drying time.

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Our roof coating and roof sealing services are available for all the following areas Peterborough, Huntingdon, Sandy, St Neots, Cambridge, Biggleswade, Royston and throughout Cambridgshire.



Roof Coatings- Application image
Roof Coatings- Application image
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